In Rebuke to Europe, Greeks Vote Resounding ‘No’ to Bailout Terms (The Wall Street Journal)

ATHENS—Greeks overwhelmingly voted against their international creditors’ conditions for further bailout aid, in a result that could deepen the rift between Greece and the rest of Europe and push the country closer to bankruptcy and an exit from the euro.

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Eurozone Gives Greece Some Debt Relief as Bailout Nears End (The Wall Street Journal)

LUXEMBOURG—The eurozone agreed to lighten Greece’s debt burden when the country’s bailout ends this summer, but the measures fall short of what the International Monetary Fund and most economists say would be needed to end doubts about Greece’s long-term solvency.

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Greece Approves Last Big Austerity Package of Yearslong Bailout (The Wall Street Journal)

ATHENS—Greece’s parliament approved the last big austerity package of its eight-year bailout program Thursday, preparing the country for its full return to financing itself on bond markets beginning this summer.

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Greece’s Business Prospects Brighten After Lost Decade (The Wall Street Journal)

ATHENS—As economic growth returns to Greece after a decade of crisis, so are some businesses that once wrote the country off.

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In Greece, the Authority Investors Fear Most: Its Archaeologists (The Wall Street Journal)

ATHENS—In Greece, the buck stops with archaeologists.

Mike Angeliades, a Greek-American property developer, discovered that after he won a state tender in 2014 for a €400 million ($495 million) plan to develop a beachside golf resort on the island of Rhodes.

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Greek PM makes small changes to cabinet, keeps finance, foreign ministers (Reuters)

ATHENS (Reuters) – Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras made limited changes to his cabinet on Wednesday after a minister bowed out in a housing allowance row, keeping his finance minister months before the country emerges from a bailout program in August.

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Greece, Turkey try to calm tensions after Aegean Sea crash (The Associated Press)

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — The prime ministers of Greece and Turkey worked late Tuesday to calm escalating tensions after a Greek coast guard vessel was damaged in a collision with a Turkish patrol boat in the Aegean Sea, the site of a boundary dispute.

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Greece Curbs Sway of Shariah Law (The Wall Street Journal)

ATHENS—Greece’s parliament overwhelmingly voted on Tuesday to limit the power of laws grounded in the Islamic faith, which are still enforced for Muslim citizens in a region bordering Turkey.

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Surge in Migrants Creates Abysmal Conditions on Greek Islands (The Wall Street Journal)

SAMOS, Greece—Three months ago, Shehab Kabalan, a 20-year-old from Syria, traveled in a small boat from Turkey to Greece in the hope of receiving asylum in Europe and starting a new life.

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France’s Emmanuel Macron Takes EU Renewal Push to Greece (The Wall Street Journal)


The European Union will crumble if it isn’t overhauled, French President Emmanuel Macron said Thursday in Athens, attempting to reinvigorate his call for greater sharing of financial burdens in the eurozone.

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