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The official state authority in charge of issuing accreditations to foreign press correspondents and providing professional support is the General Secretariat for INFORMATION – Public Relations Directorate

Fragoudi 11, Kalithea,10163 Athens
PHONE : (+30) 210 9098321, (+30) 210 9098322, (+30) 210 9098323
Fax: (+30) 210 9098313, (+30) 210 9098344

You need to be accredited by the General Secretariat of Information / Public Relations Directorate in order to obtain from state authorities the facilities and access provided by law.

Journalists must basically complete an accreditation form and present a letter from the director of the medium they represent, in which his/her accreditation is requested as a correspondent with a permanent employment relationship in Greece, for the current calendar year. To renew an accreditation and obtain a new identity card, foreign press correspondents or contributors must submit a letter from the news organization they represent, in which it is certified that they continue to be employed with the same employment status for the new calendar year, as well as evidence or certification of published text, photos or video. Foreign press correspondents may have to produce evidence that they are drawing a regular salary from their employer.

Social security

Foreign press correspondents and contributors must be insured with state-run social security organization ETAP-MME/TAISYT, unless they submit evidence to ETAP-MME/TAISYT that they are insured with a corresponding social security organization abroad. The fund charges about 450 euros a month to provide pension and health coverage. For more details, contact FPA.
T.A.I.S.Y.T – (HEALTH INSURANCE and Pension)
Christou Lada 2, 10561 Athens
Phone: (+30) 210 3233036, (+30) 210 3240153, (+30) 210 3225730
Fax: (+30) 210 3247 935

Services provided, filming at archaeological sites

Upon request by foreign media organizations, submitted directly or through Press and Communication Offices at Greek embassies or consulates abroad, the General Secretariat of Communication/Information provides visiting media representatives and permanent foreign press correspondents with the ‘rendering of professional facilities’ document. This document requests Greek civil and police authorities to assist foreign journalists and facilitate filming crew and/or photographers in their work. However, both visiting journalists and accredited correspondents need special permits to film or take photographs in archeological sites, museums, in military and harbor installations, in border areas as well as for underwater and aerial filming.

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