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Greece approves fourth COVID-19 vaccine shot for those at risk (Politico)

ATHENS — Greece’s health authorities on Tuesday approved giving an additional fourth jab of coronavirus vaccine to people with compromised immune systems.

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EU wants gas, nuclear energy classified green, sustainable (New Europe)

The European Commission proposed on December 31 natural gas and nuclear energy to be included in the so-called EU taxonomy as sustainable energy sources.

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Hot in the city: Teaching Europe how to live on a warmer planet (Politico)

Two weeks after Eleni Myrivili started her job as Athens’ chief heat officer, Greece was struck by one of the worst heat waves in its recorded history.

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Athens, 18 November 2021

We have noted with great concern the monitoring of journalists by Greece’s National Intelligence Service, EYP.

A recent report in Greek daily EfSyn, which has yet to be refuted, disclosed classified EYP transmissions, one of which related to a surveillance order of our colleague Stavros Malihoudis.

According to the newspaper, he was monitored for working on a story about a 12-year-old minor from Syria, living under administrative detention in Kos, together with his family.

The FPA unequivocally condemns the monitoring of journalists in a democratic country like Greece and the treatment of media investigations as potential threats.

We expect that the Greek authorities provide immediate and satisfactory answers on the issue.

The FPA board


Με ιδιαίτερη ανησυχία διαπιστώσαμε την παρακολούθηση δημοσιογράφων από την Εθνική Υπηρεσία Πληροφοριών της Ελλάδος, ΕΥΠ.

Πρόσφατο ρεπορτάζ της εφημερίδας ΕφΣυν, που δεν έχει διαψευστεί, αποκάλυψε απόρρητα διαβιβαστικά έγγραφα της ΕΥΠ, ένα εκ των οποίων αφορούσε εντολή παρακολούθησης του συναδέλφου μας Σταύρου Μαλιχούδη.

Σύμφωνα με το δημοσίευμα, παρακολουθούνταν επειδή ερευνούσε μια ιστορία για ένα 12χρονο ανήλικο από τη Συρία, που ζούσε υπό διοικητική κράτηση στην Κω, μαζί με την οικογένειά του.

Η Ε.Α.Ξ.Τ. καταδικάζει απερίφραστα την παρακολούθηση δημοσιογράφων σε μια δημοκρατική χώρα, όπως η Ελλάδα, και την αντιμετώπιση των δημοσιογραφικών ερευνών ως πιθανών απειλών.

Αναμένουμε από τις ελληνικές αρχές να δώσουν άμεσες και ικανοποιητικές απαντήσεις για το θέμα.

Το ΔΣ της Ε.Α.Ξ.Τ.


Time is not on our side: EUMed 9 leaders discuss climate crisis (New Europe)

ATHENS – The EUMed 9 summit begun in Athens today (September 17), focusing on stability in the eastern Mediterranean as well as efforts to tackle climate change and migration flows in the region.

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Extreme weather slows Greece’s coal phaseout (Politico)

ATHENS — Greece’s plan to phase out coal is coming under stress from the very thing the government is seeking to address: climate change.

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Science vs. religion as Greek priests lead the anti-vax movement (Politico)

ATHENS — Anti-vaxxers and churchgoers are out in force on a warm July Sunday morning in central Athens — and, for the most part, they are the same people.

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Presentation of the archaeological site of Acropolis by Minister of Culture and Sports Lina Mendoni alongside Academy Member, architect Manolis Korres

Minister of Culture and Sports Lina Mendoni alongside Academy Member, architect Manolis Korres, presented FPA members the archaeological site of Acropolis, the works carried out on and around the monuments, on Tuesday, June 8.

Investigating Femicide: A GIJN Guide (G.I.J.N.)

Femicide — the intentional murder of women because they are women — is a global problem. According to the UN’s latest estimates, 50,000 women and girls are killed each year by intimate partners or other family members.

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Cyprus talks failed to find common ground, UN says (Politico)

Three days of talks between Cypriot leaders yielded not enough common ground to resume formal talks on a settlement, the United Nations said Thursday.

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