North Macedonia’s post-Macron melancholy (Politico)

SKOPJE, North Macedonia — You can see the signs of this country’s efforts to get an invitation from the EU. Literally.

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Greece and China hail strategic partnership, as US and EU look on (Al Jazeera)

Athens, Greece – Greek leaders on Monday hailed Chinese President Xi Jinping’s first official visit to Greece as a “new era” in what is an already close trade and investment relationship being closely watched by the United States and the European Union.

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Xi Jinping hails ‘economic opening’ in Greece visit (Politico)

ATHENS — Greece rolled out the red carpet for Chinese President Xi Jinping, hoping for even wider investment from Beijing, which sees the southern European country as its door to the rest of the Continent.

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China’s Xi arrives in Athens to ‘deepen cooperation’ with Greece (Al Jazeera)

China’s president has arrived in Athens for a three-day visit to discuss bilateral relations, investment and trade.

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New law in Greece against asylum-seeking criticised (Al Jazeera)

The Greek government is introducing a new law that will make it more difficult for refugees and migrants to claim asylum in the country.

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Human rights community decries new Greek asylum law (Al Jazeera)

Athens, Greece – A new asylum law has passed in Athens, amid acrimonious debate and a storm of withering criticism from Greek and international aid organisations.

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Europe breaking own rules to deter asylum seekers (Al Jazeera)

Athens, Greece – A recent decision by the European Ombudsman that found “serious errors” with an Algerian man’s asylum denial has highlighted broader issues in Europe’s asylum practices.

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Greece launches hydrocarbon production as part of green agenda (Al Jazeera)

Igoumenitsa Greece – For the past two years, the residents of Greece’s northwest province of Epirus have been tripping up on short wooden stakes planted about a foot high in the ground. They stand in rows that continue interminably through villages, over meadows and mountains, blue ribbons fluttering from their tops.

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Refugees in Greece: Record number in overcrowded camps (Al Jazeera)

The number of refugees and migrants the Greek government is housing in camps on islands in the Aegean Sea has reached a record 31,000.

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Greece presents ‘radical’ pro-business budget (Politico)

ATHENS — Greece’s new conservative government put forward its first budget Monday, with ambitious growth targets and a distinctly pro-business line.

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